Backstage pass to Fashion Show

Fashion Show 13 Fashion Show 9 Fashion Show 3

By Mark Stanislavov, Class of 2014

Welcome to my full review of the GWHS Fashion Show which is produced by Fashion Design teacher Mrs. Karen James. Everything that happened that night was very fun!   However, I was not watching from the audience, I was backstage snapping plenty of pictures. 

The backstage atmosphere is extremely different compared to the audiences’ point of view. Backstage, everyone was running around trying to get ready for the next event.  I was snapping pictures of anything I could.  Sadly, most of the models were all too busy changing.  I was trying to catch one model, and every time I wanted to snap-a-pic of her, she had to change into her next outfit.   Other than her, everything was a blast, a little more rushed than the “Pre-Show” during the day, but still good. 

The evening show had attractions that were not in the “Pre-Show.”  Now, there was a teacher there taking pics, all his photography equipment was there and I sneaked a few pics for the newspaper.  The outfits close up, were amazing! Newspaper dresses, garbage bag dresses, and ripped up clothing!  They were all very well done for a bunch of high schoolers, not to offend anyone. The time I spent there was really well spent. Yeah sure, I was running all over the place, but it was fun, trying to capture their lime light and letting them know they did a job well done.   Nicely executed model of GWHS!


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