Fresh flavor – Trevor Jackson


By Sandybel Cedeno, Class of 2013

Trevor Jackson has come into the music business with his own fresh flavor and has been doing great with his new release “Like We Grown.”    Not only does he have a strong singing voice, he also is talented in acting and dancing so that he has been noted as a “triple threat.”

 At only sixteen years old, you can see Trevor forming into a natural star!  His song “Like We Grown” has already become a famous and well-known song for preteen and teen girls and guys.  His style and swag is something that everyone around his age group can connect with and the song resonates with many teens as well.  His fame has been growing dramatically, especially with girls, because of his cute style and face.  The song itself is a good mixture of R & B and hip-hop and the lyrics are very relatable for his fans.  I see him as a natural born star!

The lyrics, “Baby I’ll just love you like we grown tonight,  And we go around like we grown tonight,” are the best parts of the song.  Many teens are in a rush to grow up and this is exactly how they feel when they are in a relationship with someone.  It’s actually my favorite part of the song because it expresses the freedom that adults have of being with and going anywhere with the person they love.  I’m guessing that’s where the title of the song comes from “Like We Grown,” riding around like adults having fun and a good time with their love.   I love this song!


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