What characteristics make a good teacher?

By Nodirbek Maksudov, Class of 2013  

Teachers must be teachable.  They must possess the ability to listen, share, respect others, laugh, cry, move on, teach and transfer information, ask for forgiveness, admit when they make a mistake, know that they are not perfect and do make mistakes, have patience beyond measure, see and set boundaries, possess empathy, disagree without being disagreeable, understand they cannot fix everything and everyone, and most importantly, think outside the box.

 It is important to teach children how to live their own lives by developing their own minds and equipping him or her how to deal with reality.  Children need to be taught how to think rather than what to think.  Teachers should encourage children to improve their minds and think for themselves.

(Thank you to Mrs. Carroll for inspiring this editorial via a journal assignment.)


2 Comments to “What characteristics make a good teacher?”

  1. Mrs Carroll is the most favorite teacher of mine. Specifically she helped me in understanding many things in English. As I am an immigrant, She made me believe in myself. thank you very much Mrs Carroll. For your lessons for your confidence in every immigrant especially for the confidence that you gave to certain students and majority of them are very nw very successful. You are the best teacher ever!!!

  2. Confidence, calmness, and patience are the top 3 traits of a perfect teacher

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