B. SMYTH 1000

By Shawn Bantum, Class of 2014
B. Smyth, a new Motown artist,  is from Ft Lauderdale, Florida.   His mom is originally from Florida, and his father is from Jamaica. 
Smyth was inspired to sing by his mom because when he was younger, she would always be singing around the house. She even had a band herself when she was younger and music was just always in his blood growing up.  Smyth never was really into singing.  He was like any other teen growing up – he was pretty much just into sports.  He played a lot of football and it wasn’t until the tenth grade that he got into music . Smyth started doing talent shows and really loved it which led him to where he is today.
B. Smyth has come into the music business with his own fresh swagger and has ben doing great with his new release “Leggo” which features Hip Hops very own 2 Chainz.
Not only can B. Smyth sing very well and hit high notes, he also is talented in dancing, so he is a multi-talented guy.  At only 19 years old, I can see Smyth becoming a big star.   “Leggo” has already become very famous and a well known song for teen girls and guys.
His swag and his dance moves are something that everyone can connect with and especially if you’re a dancer.  His fame has been growing tremendously
especially, with the ladies, because of his swag and his music.
The song is a mixture of R & B, Dance and Hip-Hop and the video is very creative.  I see him as a rising star along with all the other young up and coming stars.

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