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June 12, 2013

Art students win awards

We are proud to announce that many of our students won awards in the recent Young Artists city-wide exhibition and will be honored at an awards ceremony.  Congratulations to our winners (and their Art teachers):

Olga Yusopova, Bainbridge Award – $50 (L. Colletti)
Tajrin Shikha, Bainbridge Award – $50 (T. Allen)

Kareem Semidey, CASA Award – $25 (L. Colletti)
Olga Yusupova, CASA Awards – $50 (L. Colletti)
Deborah Katsarska, CASA Award – $25 (M. Dougherty)

Asya Sklyarova, Center for Learning Through the Arts –$50 (D. Klose)
Steven Ladson, Center for Learning Through the Arts – $50 (M. Dougherty)

Emily Kohle, Cheltenham Camera Club – $25 (D. Klose)
Asya Sklyarova, Cheltenham Camera Club –$25 (D. Klose)

Group Project, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority – $50 (M. Dougherty)
Selina Powers, Kahn Memorial Award – $25 (D. Klose)
Amanda Staszak, Kahn Memorial Award –$50 (D. Klose)
Asya Sklyarova, Kahn Memorial Award- $25 (D.Klose)

Alyssa Reyes, PFT Award – $25 (D. Klose)
Mackenzie Duffy, PFT Award – $25 (A. Hagelin)
Brian Marynowitz, Povlot Award- $25 (D. Klose)