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April 26, 2014


By Paige Hughes, Class of 2014

He is toxic

This toxin is like a bad drug that will have me locked away forever


He took me away and put me in prison

He put chains on me that won’t allow me to breathe

The chains grow tighter and tighter

It’s becoming more of a struggle to breath

I need to try and break free

Or he will have me as his prisoner forever

He keeps me locked away with his chains and his wicked ways

When will he let me breathe?

I want to be able to breathe

I want to be like a free bird flying over the seas

Can’t he see what he’s doing to me?


I lay awake in my cell

Wondering what I have done to be here

What have I done that was so wrong


The toxin comes around and smashes my lungs with more chains

Each breath is now a struggle for survival