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June 12, 2017

Poetry Slam Winner

Four years I have spent in this school
A school where moral judgement failed to rule
All but a few live for selfish desire
Submerged in their own immoral attire

I don’t come to talk of politics or some law
I came to talk about society’s dreadful flaw
Do we students not care of our reputation
If not, maybe you should listen to the conversation

Do you know what they say about this school?
Oh wait, you're from Washington must be a fool
I mean sure we make the news sometimes
If not for windows breaking then for some petty crimes

Students honestly where are your morals
All the teachers are doing is breakin’ up quarrels
In a society that is full of profanity
And flushing away all love in humanity
Please students run away from this vanity 
I make a plea to escape from this horrid insanity

....Wait...what are morals
These things were they simply thought of by mortals
Where do they come from? And why do they matter?
Well, lets just say without them society would shatter

Who decides good and evil and why abide by this code
It’s a burden to follow and it is quite the load
We’re just stardust colliding 
Why should we be abiding

For just stardust this is all in vain
But why in this heart do I feel a pain?
And to that science says, Well
it’s just chemicals in your brain

Then I guess love is senseless
This leaves our nations defenseless
With but only our false morals
To defend us from daily quarrels 

Well, I believe there is someone above 
Someone that gives us reason to love
The Biblical quote holds no flaw 
“Love does no harm to a neighbor, therefore 
Is the fulfilment of Law”

Love holds our ethics strong
I promise you the Bible isn’t wrong
We are called to love our enemies
For relationships it is the greatest of remedies 

This quote I also say, peer to peer,
“Love must be sincere. Hate what is
Evil; cling to what is good.”
Have you not understood
Join hands in a healthy brotherhood

If there is no God...Why then love is senseless
Leaving not only our nations but our feelings defenseless

I’m not gonna push a religion
At the end it’s not mine it your decision
I make a call to the God above
Bring back what was lost in this city of brotherly love

Why is it so hard to believe in a God 
As you build your falsely intelligent facade
With evolved blood cells, vessels and a pumping heart
Wait...which came first? umm...Brain fart

One organ can’t survive without another
Couldn’t atheists think of that?...oh brother…
And they’re all made of different tissue
Maybe it's not God maybe your hearts the issue

I just want us to come back to true love
I want us to stop and drop the boxing glove
Maybe take some tips from the One above
HAHA Paul that’s where you are wrong God doesn't love
Doesn’t he tells you to hate gays? Ain’t that...Christianity?
NO!!! We are called to love despite sexuality

Look at your moral ethic
Don’t you think it’s pathetic
You throw insults at each other to see who gets hurt more
If you ask me that’s already something to pray for
You blame God for your problems like he’s sleeping on you
Look this guy’s dead, and people die of the flu
You turn your backs on him what do you expect him to do
It’s hard to answer prayers when nobody’s prayin to you

Look people lift your eyes to above
Check your ethics do they have any love
Show some love to a brother and stop observing
Pick up your hands to the sister and start serving 

I call us to serve, work, try hard, and love
I ask that of deceit, lust, anger, hate you get rid of
Christ really turned my life around
I was lost but now I’m found
Was blind but now I see the light
With knowledge of wrong and right
Talk to me I’ll be glad to tell you my story
Maybe you could restore this school to its former glory

But hey… even if I repeat this 700 times
Your heart won’t be affected by any of these rhymes
You will walk through the halls with a heart full of dread
And all will know for this school the true God is dead

First place poem by Paul Basarab, Class of 2017
May 1, 2014

Time to Say Goodbye

By Paige Hughes, Class of 2014

This time was our second try

But now it is time to say goodbye

We’ve laughed and I’ve cried

But now it is time for us to go on separate roller coaster rides


I know it hasn’t been long

I am sorry, but this isn’t where I belong

Just please don’t forget to be strong


April 26, 2014


By Paige Hughes, Class of 2014

He is toxic

This toxin is like a bad drug that will have me locked away forever


He took me away and put me in prison

He put chains on me that won’t allow me to breathe

The chains grow tighter and tighter

It’s becoming more of a struggle to breath

I need to try and break free

Or he will have me as his prisoner forever

He keeps me locked away with his chains and his wicked ways

When will he let me breathe?

I want to be able to breathe

I want to be like a free bird flying over the seas

Can’t he see what he’s doing to me?


I lay awake in my cell

Wondering what I have done to be here

What have I done that was so wrong


The toxin comes around and smashes my lungs with more chains

Each breath is now a struggle for survival


May 3, 2013

Nothing can conquer you

By Paige Hughes, Class of 2014
Nothing can conquer you. 
Nothing can stop you. 
Don’t let them throw you down to the ground 
Do not let them see you weak 
Hold your head up high 
Walk with confidence 
Nothing can conquer you
Nothing can stop you 
Dream like you’ve never dreamt before 
Your throne will forever be yours 
Head up, shoulders back 
Take the world and conquer it 
You are the ruler of your reality  
April 9, 2013

I am still a child

By Paige Hughes, Class of 2014
I am not perfect 
I have my flaws 
I am but yet a child 
I may be small in size 
But my heart and voice are bigger then you may imagine 
I am powerful but yet still a child
I may have failures 
I may speak my mind honestly 
I may even break a heart or two but honestly I am still full of flaws 
For yet I am still a child 
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April 4, 2013


By Devin Alford, Class of 2014

I celebrate myself, in love.

What is love? Love is sharing,

caring, commitment. Love is two

souls joined together as one.

Love is flowers for no reason. Love

is honesty.  Love is passionate &

beautiful. Love is complicated. Love

is affection.  Don’t treat her right, and watch

as her love goes in another direction.

March 17, 2013

Your opinions

By Paige Hughes, Class of 2014

There’s nothing more to say.  You’ve said enough. 
It broke me to pieces. 
You told me that you were honest 
But it was only your opinion 
If it was your opinion 
Then it was simply an opinion 
Not a fact 
An opinion of what you thought 
Not of what I thought of myself
Your words were opinions. 
Not facts that were from a book 
Therefore I will not listen to you
Or to them
Or to the part of my mind that says you’re still important 
There is no more to be said 
Everything was said and done 
You’re words of opinion will no longer affect me and what they have done
You are now just an empty space in my phone and a bag of negativity. 
You and your opinions are no longer important to me. 
March 12, 2013


By Paige Hughes, Class of 2014
Your mind can recreate your best memories 

It can also create the ones that you wished you could’ve erased like pencil on paper
Memories can last you a lifetime of happiness 
They can also turn out to be a living nightmare that you want to end 
The recreation can bring back the people you miss most when they’re gone
But then you’re left with just memories. Not being able to hug them again or hear them speak. 
The memories can bring you joy like when you were five and had the world wrapped around your fingertips 
But the memories can also bring you back disappointment of the “woulda coulda shoulda” stuff 
The memories in the mind are your own little world. 
The little world that you hope you can control when you can’t control the actual world 
March 3, 2013

He’s got…

By Paige Hughes, Class of 2013

He’s got that laugh that you can’t get enough of
He’s got a smile that lights up your whole day even if you thought the world was going to end
He’s got that touch where you melt into his arms
He’s got a feeling for you that you hope never disappears

February 4, 2013

The Mind

By Paige Hughes, Class of 2014

The Expectation of being more than you think.
The mind telling you not to do it when you’re expected to.
The feeling of being useless because you’re too young to truly know what it feels like.
The expectations of the people you love unconditionally sets the mind control to over drive.
The fine line between insanity and being uncontrollable
The goals to reach that aren’t even close begin to disappear
The more you take, the more you give but what if there isn’t a lot to give in the first place?
The mind sets to over speed.
The mind sets you apart from everyone.
The expectations of the mind are different than the reality actually is.
The mind is uncontrolled. Every second of every day feeling apart from everyone because of the expectations.
The mind has control.