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February 4, 2013

G-dub basketball team holds their own

By Jamel Williams, Class of 2013

This past Friday, February 1st, George Washington’s Varsity basketball team took a long journey to Atlantic City to play in the Atlantic City Showcase. While on the bus, the team was very anxious and excited to finally go on a small vacation though we were going for business as well.

When they arrived at their hotel, the team got their key cards and settled down in their rooms and relaxed until it was time to leave for their game.  Around 4:30 P.M., the bus arrived to take them to their 6:00 P.M. game against Holy Spirit High School from Camden, New Jersey.  When the teams arrived at the gym in the Atlantic City High School, they were pumped and ready to go.

As our team came out for warm ups, they looked at their opponents and saw that they were a lot bigger and stronger than them, but that didn’t stop their heart and courage. Washington still believed that they had a great chance to win.  It was tip off time and Washington High School came out to a flat and slow start. Instead of them playing at the pace they wanted, they let Holy Spirit High control the tempo of the game.   Going into half time, the Eagles were down by 22 points.

In the locker room, the Eagles became frustrated with each other and began to put their heads down, but star player and captain, Kendale Truitt, raised their hopes and put confidence in their hearts. The team came out in the second half being aggressive and had a lot more fight in them even though they were smaller. The Eagles cut the big lead within 15 points at the end of the 3rd quarter. Coming out into the 4th quarter, the Eagles came out strong and finished strong, but still ended up losing by 10 points with the final score being 64-54. Everyone was upset with the loss, but the coaches and players were happy with the fact that the College scouts and others respected that the Eagles didn’t give up and they gave the Holy Spirit basketball team a hard fight. In the end, the Eagles still looked like winners in the spectators’ eyes for their effort and for playing hard until the 4th quarter came to a close.