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November 18, 2012

Turkey Bowl 2012

 WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT OUR ANNUAL THANKSGIVING DAY FOOTBALL GAME WILL BE PLAYED ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd at 10 AM.  The tradition of GWHS playing Archbishop Ryan’s Raiders on Thanksgiving Day will continue this year!  This is a great way for alumni to get together and talk about the “old days”.  Please see Mr. Geiser in room 143 or Mr. McKinney in room 217 for tickets.  Tickets are $5 in advance and $10 at the gate.                    

Be sure to check out our new football site at   which was created by Samuel Saldana, a senior in our Sports Marketing & Management program.

November 14, 2012

G-dub defeated by Northeast

By Preston Johns, Class of 2013

Washington faced a crushing defeat against Northeast High School Saturday night.  It was a sad time for me and my fellow classmates who attended the game.  The ones who felt the defeat to the core were the football players as well as the coaches. I actually saw these men shed tears. The players I saw crying were really strong guys and I thought to myself, “are they actually crying?”   That was amazing to me.  It showed their dedication and love for the sport they play.

For a lot of the senior players it was their last championship game so it hurt
them the most. It was a well fought game, they played their hearts out to the very last play. I was proud of my team no matter if they won or lost. I hope this loss didn’t discourage the team.  They had a great season and they should still fly.

November 14, 2012

Nothing Giving

By  Deya Mhiesen, Class of 2013

     I’m on the right side of the offensive line getting down in my stance, looking my opponent in his eye. I know he’s scared, I can smell the fear. I’m itching for the pancake (put him in the dirt every play. )  My muscles are twitching, my fingers rocking back and forth. I hear the READY! GO!!!   I explode off the ball like a bomb, locking onto my opponent and put him on his ass every play. Then I do the same thing over and over again until the fat lady sings.

     Here I am on the the other side of the ball, in my three point stance watching the ball carefully as if it was my only shot to show everyone that I’m a dominate force on the D-Line. I’m feeling the sweat drip down my face, as if I was sweating bullets. The ball snapped, I rushed the tackle as if I was a raging bull, I grabbed the cloth of his jersey, locked in then ripped through away from him. I finally see the quarter back and I’m getting real happy for the sack like I just won the lottery, I blow the quarter back up as if I was a kamikaze, seeing the body jerk with ragging force feeling his body snap like a pencil. I stand up and look at him on the floor with so much pain. There he is lying on the floor looking sorry.   I looked to my left then looked to my right and said to myself,  boy it’s going to be a long night.

November 7, 2012

Washington takes Northeast on the football field

By Samuel Saldana, Class of 2013

On Thursday October 18, 2012 the Washington Eagles took on the Northeast Vikings. The Eagles and Vikings are big rivals and both teams came to play, but just by the score, 23 to 6, it shows who wanted it more.

The Eagles chose to receive the ball to start the game. Junior (KR) John Santos returned to the Eagles 40 yard line.  The 1st play of the game was a reverse to senior (RB) Marquis Edwards then a pitch to junior (WR) Rasheed Black, which was fumbled for a loss of 15. The Eagles 1st drive ended up with the Eagles punting.  The Vikings 1st play was a 5-yard run by #8. On 3rd down, Northeast got called for a 5-yard holding penalty.  Another 3rd down attempt ended up in a sack by soph. (DT) Dwayne Young. On 4th down the Vikings chose to punt, and senior (PR) Rashaan “Wiz” Williams returned the ball for 30 yards to the Vikings 29-yard line. The Eagles got down into the Red Zone, and on a run for a 4-yard gain by senior (FB) Alex Rivera,  set up a 6-yard touchdown run by junior (RB) Ken Everage followed by the extra point kicked by senior (K) Jake Wright.  The Vikings could not get anything going for them; their quarterback was sacked for a loss made by Linebackers soph. Shawn Henderson & senior Melvin “Macho” Gonzalez to make it 3rd and long. On 3rd down the Vikings were called for a false start penalty to make it 3rd and longer. On 3rd and long the Vikings tried to throw the ball, which fell incomplete, so the Vikings were forced to punt. The ball was kicked to senior (PR) Kendale “Roscoe” Truitt for a 28-yard return to the Eagles 48-yard line. On the drive of 2nd and 5, senior (QB) David Gavirlov’s passed to senior (WR) Joshua “Texas” Macauley completing a 30-yard gain down at the Vikings 15-yard line. This was followed by a 3-yard run by Marquis Edwards to end the 1st quarter.

Starting the 2nd quarter the Eagles were 2nd and goal, and a run by (RB) Ken Everage was successful for a touchdown followed by a field goal to make the score 14-0 Eagles. With three minutes left to the half, the Eagles were in a 3rd down situation, with 9 yards to get the first down. (The Eagles offense is usually good at converting 3rd down and 4th down conversions) Quarterback David Gavirlov dropped back to pass and threw a bullet to Wide Receiver Joshua Macauley for a 31-yard gain for a first down on the Vikings 39-yard line.  With 1:56 left in the half the Eagles were called for a holding penalty and on 4th and 7 the Eagles use their great kicker Jake Wright to kick a field goal to make the score 17-0 going into the half.

To start the 2nd half the Eagles defense got things going as senior (DL) Justin Moody (Semper Fidelis All-American) sacks the Vikings quarterback for a 5-yard loss tomake it 3rd and 11. On 3rd and 11, Soph. (DL) Zaire Hollerway sacked the Vikings quarterback yet again for a 3-yard loss to make it 4th and 14, forcing the Vikings to punt. On 3rd and 6, the Eagles go to (FB) Alex Rivera and gain 5-yards, but not enough for a 1st down, creating a 4th and 1 situation. The Eagles are 1-yard away from a 1st down and they decide on a quarterback sneak ran by (QB) David Gavirlov and achieve the 1st down. Followed by this 1st down, David Gavirlov threw 2 passes in the same area on the right side of the field to fall incomplete; both were diving attempts. But yet the 3rd pass was definitely a charm because on 3rd and long Dave’s pass to (RB) Ken Everage was complete with an AMAZING one-handed grab, and also good for a 30-yard gain but falling short of a scoring drive. With the Eagles were back on Defense, the Vikings tried to get a 1st down with a pass on 4th and 8, which ended up being intercepted by (S) Kendale Truitt to end the 4th quarter. 

      With the 4th quarter rolling in, senior (QB) Al Augustine’s pass to (WR) Rasheed Black was deflected off his hands and into the Vikings defensive back’s hands and ran it back all the way for a touchdown. Feeling too ambitious, their 2-point conversion attempt was no good. On the kickoff following the Vikings touchdown, (KR) Kendale Truitt went for a big return running 52-yards from the Eagles 25-yard line. On 2nd goal (RB) Marquis Edwards ran the ball 3-yards for an Eagles touchdown, but missing the extra point attempt leaving the score 23-6. On the next Eagles drive, on 3rd and 3 with under a minute to go, the Eagles take a knee and let the clock run down for the game to end, with the final score 23-6.

November 23, 2011

Turkey Bowl at GWHS

Come out and watch the annual Thanksgiving Day game between the George Washington Eagles and the Ryan Raiders in our Mickey Young Stadium.  Kick off time is 10:00 am and tickets are $5.00.  See Mr. Geiser or Mr. McKinney for tickets.

If you can’t make it to the game, you can watch it on Comcast!

Be sure to check out our new football website at the link below.  This website (still under construction) was created by our Sports Marketing & Management students Parth Patel and Jeneel Patel, class of 2012.

November 8, 2011

Eagles vs. Germantown

By Preston Johns, Class of 2013

George Washington beat Germantown High School in the Public League Play off game, 36-20, taking the Washington Eagles to the Championship! In the first two quarters, the Eagles were not looking too strong. They were constantly being beat by Germantown’s offense, with a score of 20-7 (Germantown) at the beginning of half time. During the 15 minute break, the Eagles became motivated and came back stronger than ever!

During the second half of the game, with a combined effort from not only the team but their supporters, the Eagles began to dominate Germantown’s offense and defense. Washington scored 29 points in the second half from that point on taking the game and successfully defeating Germantown.  The Eagles are now in the Championship!

Offensive player of the game- Hakeem Sillman                                   Defensive player of the game-D’Andre Dunkley

October 12, 2011

Athletic schedule 10/13-10/25/11





V FOOTBALL 10/14 NE Home

All games begin at 3:00 pm except as noted. 

** game time 6:00 pm

May 23, 2011

Two public league all-star MVPs!

By Coach Cohen

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PUBLIC LEAGUE ALL-STARS for their thrilling victory over non-publics on Saturday at the Lincoln Center – 30-20.  Representing GWHS were English Peay, Brandon Chudnoff, Tony Smith, Donovan Morris, Mike McGlahon, MVP on Offense – Daquan Cooper, and MVP on Defense – Claudy Mathieu.

This is the first time ever that both MVPs have come from the same school – Go G Dub!

February 19, 2011

2nd Annual Terence Young & Pete Lyde Scholarship Memorial Fund Raiser

By Adam Avraham, Jason Shanker and Andre Odom

Just like last year we’re doing it again. We are hosting an open 7 on 7 football tournament:

Saturday, April 2 · 10:00 am – 3:00 pm at George Washington High School Mickey Young Stadium

Gather your friends (male and female) and get a team of 7 to play. Each team to put up $140/team. All proceeds will go towards the three scholarships given to  senior Varsity players.  Come out for fun, football, food, friends and support the 2nd annual fund raiser held in memory of Pete Lyde and Terrance Young.

Feel free to bring guests, family and friends – the more we’re able to reach out to our GW family the more successful we can have this event turn out! We know Pete and Terrance will be with us that day!

See us on Facebook at

October 5, 2010

Athletic schedule-October 2010

Girl’s tennis 10/5 Bodine Home 3:15 pm
Jv football 10/5 Central Home 3:00 pm
Girl’s volleyball 10/5 Northeast Cottman & Algon 3:15 pm
Var field hockey 10/5 Northeast Home 3:15 pm
Boy’s var soccer 10/6 Olney Home 3:15 pm
Var field hockey 10/7 Rhodes 29th & Chalmers 3:15 pm
Cross country 10/7 Meet Belmont Plateau 3:00 pm
Girl’s volleyball 10/8 Central Home 3:15 pm
Var football 10/8 G-town Home 3:00 pm
Boy’s jv soccer 10/12 Ftc Cottage & Unruh 3:15 pm
Girl’s volleyball 10/12 Edison Front & Luzerne 3:15 pm
Jv football 10/12 Bartram 58th & Grays 3:00 pm
Var field hockey 10/12 Girl’s high Broad & Olney 3:15 pm
Cross country 10/12 Meet Belmont Plateau 3:00 pm
Boy’s var soccer 10/13 Northeast NE supersite 3:15 pm
Var field hockey 10/14 Frankford Home 3:15 pm
Girl’s volleyball 10/15 Saul 7100 Henry Ave 3:15 pm
Var football 10/15 Salesianum NE supersite 6:00 pm
Boy’s var soccer 10/18 Bartram Home 3:15 pm
Girl’s volleyball 10/18 Freire Home 3:15 pm
Jv football 10/19 G-town Home 3:00 pm
Boy’s jv soccer 10/19 Northeast NE supersite 3:15 pm
Var field hockey 10/19 Lincoln Ryan & Sackett 3:15 pm
Boy’s var soccer 10/20 Masterman Gratz supersite 3:15 pm
Var field hockey 10/21 Central Home 3:15 pm
Cross country 10/21 Meet Belmont Plateau 3:00 pm
Var football 10/22 Northeast NE supersite 6:00 pm