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May 2, 2011

The experience of a lifetime

By Huschai Severe, Class of 2012

April 3rd to the 6th was an experience of a lifetime. The FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) members of George Washington High School had the luxury of attending a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania.   At Hershey, members of the FBLA from all over Pennsylvania came together to compete in a series of events.  

The experience was truly life changing. I realized we live in a competitive society where three million people are dreaming, competing, and striving for the same things you are. Today, many adolescents believe that everything is going to come to them without any work being brought forth. We all have dreams to be rich, have big houses, and nice cars but have lazy mentalities. I have learned that if you don’t work, you will not make it to where you are trying to go. There is a saying that says, you reap what you sow, meaning whatever work you put forth to a task you will gain the consequences of your effort. It is time to develop a go hard or go home attitude. We need to strive for success. We need ambition, desire, and zeal if we are going to make it. Every time we begin to work hard we need to think about someone else that is working harder. 

We look forward to another wonderful year.    I hope you join FBLA in September and be part of this great event.

March 28, 2011

DECA students take trip to Hershey

By Preston Johns and Sandybel Cedeno

Mrs. Kirby and George Washington’s DECA students enjoyed a wonderful learning experience that will live with us for the rest of our lives.
We went to Hershey, PA to compete for  spots in the DECA international conference recently and we got to meet other students from all over the state.  We also attended workshops that gave us knowledge of what to expect when thinking about the different fields in  business.  This was a trip that we will never forget!  It wasn’t  just work – we had a lot of fun from shopping to the late night dances the program offered.   It  lived up to our  expectations and exceeded them,  that’s how fun it was.  DECA is a great program.  If you dream of having anything to do with business in your future, you should consider joining our DECA chapter.  You won’t regret it.

Our District representative, Eric Smith, will be attending the international conference in Orlando at the end of April.  Watch for more news about his trip.

March 7, 2011

DECA Conference was a great success!

By Mrs. Sheryl Kirby

As advisor to our DECA chapter, I am proud to announce the results of our participation in various events at the recent PA DECA conference in Hershey, PA.  Not only were all of our students dressed impeccably and on their best behavior for 3 days, but 13 of 18 students came home winners.  Please join me in congratulating the following students:

Lawrence Worcester and Argyris Sahlonis – trophy for School Store Team qualified for Nationals
Steven Lorenzo – medal for high score in role play in Automotive Services Marketing
Geoff Smith and Michael Honick – medals for high score in written test and role play for Travel & Tourism Team
Sandybel Cedeno and Rochell Henry – medal for high score in role play for Hospitality Services Team
Preston Johns – medal for high score in role play for Principles of Business Administration
Marvin Lane – medal for high score in role play for Principles of Business Administration
Donald Hellmuth and Michael Walsh – medal for high score in role play for Financial Decision Making Team
Eric Smith and Michael Tuller – medal for high score in role play for Marketing Communication Team

Congratulations, also, to Eric Smith who is our District Representative on the State Leadership Team. He looked fabulous in his tuxedo and DECA blazer and did a great job while he served as one of 13 hosts to the 1500 students who competed in this event!

You can see photos from our trip in the gallery on the right side of this site and watch for another article to be posted soon written by attendees with highlights of the trip.

December 13, 2010

DECA competition – Hershey here we come!

By Sandybel Cedeno, Class of 2013

On December 7th 2010, students from DECA, which is an association of marketing students, all went to the District 10 competition at the School District Administrative Building on Broad Street.  In this competition, 150 students from GWHS, Bok, Dobbins, Frankford, Kensington, Mastbaum, Randolph, Swenson, Gratz,  Edison High School and Esperanza Nueza all competed against each other.  We all had to take a 100 question test, and then we had to choose an event to work individually or as a team with a partner.  In each event, students competed against people from other schools and, some, even from the same school.  In the individual-type events, the top four won a trophy.  In partner events, only the first and second place teams received a trophy.  Everyone who got a trophy earned the right to go on to Hershey, PA, staying for three days at the Hershey Lodge and competing in the same events, but against students from schools across the state.

In the competition last Tuesday, after registration and the opening session, we prepared for our Role Play events.   I was with my partner Rochell Henry, and we won first place in Hospitality Service.  Almost all of our DECA sophomore students won.   We had 23 students who went to the competition, and 17 of them came home with trophies!  Congratulations to all those who made it on to Hershey!  There are no losers; everyone is a winner as long as you know you tried and did your best.  I also want to congratulate Eric Smith for being re-nominated for District 10 as our District Representative to the state.

This DECA trip was a great experience for everyone, and we all learned something from it.  It was an amazing opportunity for all of us.  Let’s go Washington in Hershey!!