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October 25, 2011

Top 5 scary movies to watch this Halloween (continued)

By Samuel Vargas, Class of 2015

Like I said before, Chiller TV has chosen 5 of the most scariest movies of all time and put them in a list of the most scariest movies of the decade. I already told you number 5, now is time for the next one:

Number four: The Mist

The mist is a movie of excitement, horror, and sadness. A thunderstorm just hit the small town of Shreveport; a man named David Drayton and his son Billy went to the market to get some stuff. But when a mysterious mist hit the town, everyone got trapped inside the store.  Later, the people discovered that there were things in the mist, things undescribable, things that are not from this world. 

Since the store is the only shelter for the people, they decide to protect the store with their lives, but what they don’t know is that a woman named Mrs. Carmody is creating a small group of followers to follow her and god to survival.  But another group of people thinks that she is crazy and decides to get out of there.

To learn more, see the movie!   It has a shocking ending!

Add a comment below and tell me how  you feel about the ending.

October 18, 2011

Top 5 scary movies to watch this Halloween

By Samuel Vargas, Class of 2015

According to Chiller TV, the scariest movies of all time are:

NUMBER 5: 28 days later

 28 days later is  about a disease from a monkey that was spread into the city of London.  28 days after it was spread, a man woke up in the hospital with no memory at all.  The man (Cillian Murphy) found himself lost in London.   There he meets two people, a woman (Naomie Harris) and another man, whose name is not mentioned, where they will help him find a way out. On their journey they meet a father with his daughter(Brendan Gleeson) (Megan Buns) which they also need help to get out, but after they found what they were looking for, they noticed that something was wrong.

For more details you have to see the movie!

My opinion is that it is not scary at all; Dawn of the Dead was way scarier!

Stay tuned for our next posts thorughout the upcoming weeks! Halloween is almost here!

May 14, 2011

I spoke to actor Freddie Highmore!

By Sandybel Cedeno, Class of 2013

Our Sports & Entertainment Marketing class was recently offered the opportunity to participate in a nationwide conference call with actor Freddie Highmore as I was the lucky one who got to interview him with many other kids from different places in the U.S.  We were able to ask him questions and here are the questions and his answers:

Q: Is your character George any different than you?  He said that he can relate to George.

Q: How was it growing up in a family of show business?   He said he always felt in his place.   His mom (an agent) might have been an agent to other people, but to him that was still his mother and that’s how he sees her as well as his father (an actor).  He lived a usual life with friends, family and school, and was always able to combine the life in high school and at his university with his acting career because people never really saw him as being any different from themselves so that helped.

Q: How did your acting career begin?  He said he started with small parts in TV shows then continued into little films. Then from there it took off to bigger parts and well-known movies.

Q: How do you feel about being an actor?  He said he feels lucky to do what he does.   He has a usual life back home while being able to be an actor. His usual life helps him remember who he is and that he’s just like anybody else. This helps him stay on the right track.

Q: How do you think teens and other audiences will react to the movie?  He said the movie represents the reality of life and everyone goes through almost all the same things his character will be going through in the movie.

Q: What’s it like on the set of the movie?  He said its exciting!  Inspiring!  The movie was actually really short which made them have to be working every day.   New York City helped capture the real affect of the whole experience of everything.

Q: How was it working with Emma Roberts?  He said it was fantastic!  They got along very well. This helped with the intimate parts in the movie.  He said it was a wonderful experience.

Q: What’s the best part of getting to work with other people and professionals?   He said  it’s great and he enjoys being able to meet the other actors and see how professional people are in real life. One example was with Johnny Depp and he stated he’s a great person.

Q: What’s the best part of acting?  He said the best part is being able to get into his character and meet other actors.

The movie which was originally titled, “HOMEWORK,” will be called “THE ART OF GETTING BY” and it will be coming out soon!   I thought it was really cool getting to speak with Freddie on the phone.  I hope you don’t miss out on seeing this movie!  I know I can’t wait to see it!

March 14, 2011

Old but good movies!

By: Sandybel Cedeno-Casanova, Class of 2013

Some of the oldest and best movies are movies from way back.  I’m not talking about way back to the time of black and white movies, but more like 10-15 years ago. For example, four  of my favorites are  The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles, and Uncle Buck. Each movie has it own unique meaning and all inspire in a way.

The Breakfast Club is about a group of kids who have detention on a Saturday in High School and it shows the day they all had together.  It’s very interesting considering  all the different personalities that are in the group.  It’s a must see!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is about a boy who doesn’t want to go to school and pretends to be sick; the movie has so many crazy things happening in it!  Of course, I can’t leave the humor that’s in it out, the movie is wonderful. It shows every kid’s dream of not going to school and having an awesome day!

Sixteen Candles is more like a girls’ typical chick flick, with humor and romance. It has the popular girl, the invisible girl and the hot guy. And we can’t forget the geeks that make it so much more interesting.

Uncle Buck!  Well, let me just start by saying there’s always that one uncle or aunt that didn’t come out like the rest of the siblings and that’s Uncle Buck. He’ss not perfect and he might not live in a high class area, but this guy came to the rescue to show his 2 nieces and nephew something different and how to live in the perspective he sees things in.   The man is an uncle I wouldn’t mind having. Uncle Buck, who is played by John Candy, shows that you should never underestimate anyone!

I insist you all give these movies a chance and enjoy them as much as I did.