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November 22, 2011

Cold Play’s new album: MYLO XYLOTO

By Samuel Vargas, class of 2015

Cold Play, personally, is not my kind of music but I still like a couple of their songs.  This album for example has a couple of them that I like and others that I dislike. I’m not saying that I don’t like this album and you shouldn’t hear it, but it is still not my type of music.

The first song, Mylo Xyloto, is a waste of time and music.  It is only 43 seconds long, come on! But the music is still smooth and nice. 1 star

The second song, Hurts Like Heaven, is amazing.  I would have to pick it as my second favorite Cold Play song. It has everything I like in the smooth music combined with the fast beat of pop. 5 stars

The third one, Paradise, I think is ok. It has an awesome beat to it, but the music is not my favorite.  Still, it is an amazing track, for a song that just came out. 3 stars

The fourth one, Charlie Brown, I don’t like. I just think it is slow and boring; the actual music is good but not good enough. 2 stars

The rest of the songs are good and some of them are amazing but other ones not so great. I’m going to leave you to listen to them for yourself and see what you think about them.   Maybe you’ll think I’m wrong and think this music is  amazing, but at the same time I might be right. You decide.

November 1, 2011

Music review: Clear As Day by Scotty McCreery

by Samuel Vargas, class of 2015

Clear As Day is not the greatest thing I ever heard, but it is in my top 50.

I personally like country songs like this one, but I don’t know if anyone else likes this song or these types of songs.  I really like this song, but the singer not so much.  Scotty McCreery was last year’s American Idol winner so you should give it a try!

January 10, 2011

Music review: All Star Weekend

By Preston Johns, Class of 2013

From the Disney Channel to the world,ALLSTAR WEEKEND is a new band with a lot of determination and talent, and I believe that this group will reach every goal they set out to make.

The band consists of lead singer Zach Porter, lead guitarist Nathan Darmody, bassist Cameron Quiseng, and drummer Michael Martinez. These young men are selling out seats back to back in there promo “Suddenly Summer Tour”, for their new album “Suddenly Yours”. The band first rose to fame when they were contestants on the Disney Channel special “Next Big Thing” in 2009; they were shortly after signed with Hollywood Records.

ALLSTAR WEEKEND has released three  hot singles , “Dance Forever”,  “A Different Side of Me” and  “Come Down With Love”,  that are holding strong on a few billboards.

ALLSTAR WEEKEND is a great band.  For more information about the band, check out their website at

October 5, 2010

Music Review for David Archuleta’s new single!

By Rochell Henry, Class 2013


Once again, I think that David Archuleta has provided us with another hit single. David, runner up from American Idol season 7,  has learned from his previous album to take pop culture up a notch.

From the sounds of this song, I think that Archuleta’s fans are in for a really special treat for this album. This song, like most of his previous records, is about a 19-year old singing about love. What makes his music different from other pop artists at this age is that his music in general is appropriate for teens and even adults that are experiencing love.  His music is something I think they can relate to. “Something ’bout love” is a very poppy, dancing song that can be played in clubs if it was  more up beat and had a more fast tempo.  Just like his previous song “Crush” that was an instant smash hitting #1 on the Digital Charts and #2 on the Hot 100, this album I know will have no problem on the music charts, once it’s released.

September 27, 2010

Music Review on new group Neon Trees

By Preston Johns, Class of 2013

Neon Trees is a new rock sensation with their single Animal sitting high at 24 on the rock 100 billboard hot 100. Neon Trees is a combination of style and soft rock, with lead vocalist/keyboardist Tyler Glenn, vocalist/drummer Elaine Bradley, guitarist Chris Allen, and bass player Branden Campbell. This band is from Provo, Utah, but originates from Temcula, California. Neon Trees was a well known band in their hometown but didn’t get fully noticed until late 2008 when they were asked to open for Killer and after this show, Neon Trees was on the map.  After a short time of looking, Neon Trees was picked up by the recording label  Mercury records where they made their new album Habit, their biggest hit so far. This is a great band, and I think most people will love their style and sound. So give it a try! It won’t let you down! Neon Trees website

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