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June 16, 2011

HRTT year in review

By Mary Falkenstein

I would like to summarize our year in hospitality as being rewarding, challenging, and gratifying.  The year was full of interesting trips, guest speakers, and events.  Our students rose to the challenge of the business plan first by completing a classroom business plan, then by having judges come in and judge the plans, then by having three of our students attend the city-wide competition at Temple Fox School of Business competition.  We are pleased to announce the Vichtor Vasishevchor came in as one of the top five students city-wide to be selected for the final round of events on June 7.  It is amazing how the students have supported each other in class and outside of school.  We had 40 students travel to Temple to support our competitors.  On June 7 we will find out if Victor placed in the last round.  Also, we had a team of five young ladies create a giant hotel called:  Blu Bay Hotel in Jamaica.  The girls presented an amazing business plan presentation at the University of Delaware and came in second place.  Kudos to:  Lindsey Tepel, Jasmine Webster, Tiana Fluck, Lindsey Porter, and Amanda Santa for their creative business plan which was filled with finance information and advertising that any advertisement company would be happy to have on board.  Ernst and Young could use these students for the We accounting department.  Andrey Mozel was the first place winner for the FBLA Hospitality competition.
Trips were a big part of our curriculum.  We took two trips to New York City; the first was for the National NFTE Competition in Times Square followed by an afternoon in Little Italy.  The second New York Trip was a NFTE shopping trip sponsored by NFTE and the students were able to invest $50 in start-up capital for their business venture.  The afternoon we spent several hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a bus tour of Manhattan.
The Academy kept us on our toes by going to the Convention Center, the airport, Bellevue Hotel, Museums and many other important events.  We did many projects such as:  Career Project which included:  cover letter, applications, resume, follow up letter, thank you letter and the classroom interviews which all students enjoyed doing.  We also did:  Trip of a Lifetime, Hotel Research Project, and used the MLA Format to prepare for our senior projects.  Let’s not forget all the work in our workbooks and textbooks and the HRTT Videos.  Therefore, all I can say it was a good year with lots of interesting students, events, and daily activities.

June 7, 2010

Sophomores win NFTE competition

By Mrs. Mary Falkenstein

Congratulations to Saniia Lynch and Brittany Rivers for coming in second place at the city-wide NFTE (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship) Competition.  The name of the company is “Dirty Diamonds Jewlery  Company.”  It is a door- to- door business in their Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood. 

The entrepreneurs are two fashion-forward sophomores who created a new jewelery business.  These entrepreneurs made their jewelry.  They presented their business plan at the Fox School of Business on May 27 and did an amazing job.  They won $1000 and a laptop each.  Now they have the opportunity to compete in New York City in October at the Global NFTE Competition.  Congratulations and Good Luck!

March 29, 2010


 “March Winds 2010 in NYC with NFTE and FBLA”

By Mrs. Mary Falkenstein

On March 16th,  NFTE and FBLA students took their annual trip to New York City to the wholesale shopping district and it  was a huge success!  We had lunch with Mr. Steve Marriotti, founder of NFTE, and sat in his big conference room.  Many of his staff members visited us and they treated us to lunch.  NFTE loaned us $50 each to start our own businesses and guided us to make smart decisions.  Mr. Marriotti taught us a lesson on the Economics of One Unit and Return on Investment.  Although Mrs. Falkenstein teaches this all the time, it sure sounded better coming from Mr. Marriotti.  

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