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May 1, 2014

Time to Say Goodbye

By Paige Hughes, Class of 2014

This time was our second try

But now it is time to say goodbye

We’ve laughed and I’ve cried

But now it is time for us to go on separate roller coaster rides


I know it hasn’t been long

I am sorry, but this isn’t where I belong

Just please don’t forget to be strong


March 17, 2013

Your opinions

By Paige Hughes, Class of 2014

There’s nothing more to say.  You’ve said enough. 
It broke me to pieces. 
You told me that you were honest 
But it was only your opinion 
If it was your opinion 
Then it was simply an opinion 
Not a fact 
An opinion of what you thought 
Not of what I thought of myself
Your words were opinions. 
Not facts that were from a book 
Therefore I will not listen to you
Or to them
Or to the part of my mind that says you’re still important 
There is no more to be said 
Everything was said and done 
You’re words of opinion will no longer affect me and what they have done
You are now just an empty space in my phone and a bag of negativity. 
You and your opinions are no longer important to me. 
March 3, 2013

He’s got…

By Paige Hughes, Class of 2013

He’s got that laugh that you can’t get enough of
He’s got a smile that lights up your whole day even if you thought the world was going to end
He’s got that touch where you melt into his arms
He’s got a feeling for you that you hope never disappears

February 4, 2013

The Mind

By Paige Hughes, Class of 2014

The Expectation of being more than you think.
The mind telling you not to do it when you’re expected to.
The feeling of being useless because you’re too young to truly know what it feels like.
The expectations of the people you love unconditionally sets the mind control to over drive.
The fine line between insanity and being uncontrollable
The goals to reach that aren’t even close begin to disappear
The more you take, the more you give but what if there isn’t a lot to give in the first place?
The mind sets to over speed.
The mind sets you apart from everyone.
The expectations of the mind are different than the reality actually is.
The mind is uncontrolled. Every second of every day feeling apart from everyone because of the expectations.
The mind has control.

January 15, 2013

My Stage

By Paige Hughes, Class of 2014

My stage.
It has lights.
It has lines for directions
It has it’s specific equipment
It has it’s scheduled times to practice on.
It’s not just any stage
It’s the diamond
That is my stage
The Stage to take me places
The stage that battles me every weekend
The stage that allows me to show off my abilities
the stage that allows me to reach for the stars.
My stage can take me far.

March 27, 2012


By Paige Hughes

There is not much left I can take.
There is nothing I can do.
I am not super woman who can make everything in the world perfect.
I am a teenager that is finding herself but at the same time… Trying To figure out why everyone thinks I can’t reach my high expectations of what I want to do.
I guess you can say I have high expectations, but what’s the big problem of expecting a lot when the people around you could never dream of them?
They had expectations of graduating high school and living day by day but I’m living day by day trying to find myself
So what’s the problem with high expectations?
Is it the fear that I can dream?
Is it the fear I feel like I can do almost anything?
Is it the fear that I believe I can be whom ever?
What’s the problem with high expectations?
The answer… NOTHING.
A teenage girl trying to find herself and having high expectations is who she is, it’s what makes her. Her dreams are what makes her expectations so high. She wants to reach them till she touches the stars!
You should Never doubt yourself in what you can do or dream of. No expectations or dreams are bad or too huge to accomplish. As long as you dream and believe in yourself. Anything is possible. 🙂 reach for the moon even though there’s already footprints on it.
The people around you think it’s too much because they never had the mind to think so large. Think big and dream large.
You only live once…. Dream it!!!

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June 16, 2011

Burning Waters

By Stephanie Pagan, Class of 2011

The rivers of scorching flames

Spread wildly throughout my temple.

The heat intenses

The longer I keep my mouth shut.

Rosey lips pressed against each other

That contain the refreshing cool waters

Of the fire that rages to every endpoint and

Causes all four walls to tremble.

I cannot bare it any longer.

The front door flies open

And a waterfall of words gush out.

Uncontrollable shaking takes over.

I’ve done my part-

Spoken fire.

May 23, 2011


By Stephanie Pagan, Class of 2011
Vacant vessel
Awaiting inhabitance
Blessed be the merciful Wing
Blown into the temple
First breath
Hazy vision becomes reality
A dead heart now beating
Redemption is here
May 14, 2011

We are one

By Stephanie Pagan, Class of 2011

I am outer space

And it is me.

We are one.

Its stares are my pores

Engorged with light.

I am outer space

And it is me.

Venus holds my heart

And my spirit is the sun-

A never ending ball of flame

With rays that stretch for millions of miles.

I am outer space

And it is me.

Mystery resides in the darkness

Only to be uncovered by the curious.

I am outer space

And it is me.

We are one.

May 6, 2011

Standing strong

By Stephanie Pagan, Class of 2011

I am a tree

firmly rooted in earth’s foundation.

Rough winds rustle its leaves

and attempt to chill its very core.

But its bark is thick

and the roots are deep.

Earthquakes shake it

and make its surroundings bow and beg for mercy.

But it stands strong.

It uses nature’s ignorance to its advantage.

Thunderstorms bring rain to nourish it.

Wind helps its branches sway to praise the Creator.

Lightening leaves burns and scars that remind it of lessons learned.

And earthquakes loosen the soil

so its roots can stretch farther and deeper.

The world tries its best to tear it down

but like a food, it has forgotten who has planted it there.