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October 25, 2011

Top 5 scary movies to watch this Halloween (continued)

By Samuel Vargas, Class of 2015

Like I said before, Chiller TV has chosen 5 of the most scariest movies of all time and put them in a list of the most scariest movies of the decade. I already told you number 5, now is time for the next one:

Number four: The Mist

The mist is a movie of excitement, horror, and sadness. A thunderstorm just hit the small town of Shreveport; a man named David Drayton and his son Billy went to the market to get some stuff. But when a mysterious mist hit the town, everyone got trapped inside the store.  Later, the people discovered that there were things in the mist, things undescribable, things that are not from this world. 

Since the store is the only shelter for the people, they decide to protect the store with their lives, but what they don’t know is that a woman named Mrs. Carmody is creating a small group of followers to follow her and god to survival.  But another group of people thinks that she is crazy and decides to get out of there.

To learn more, see the movie!   It has a shocking ending!

Add a comment below and tell me how  you feel about the ending.