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February 13, 2013

Sports Marketing students attend Wings game

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George Washington High School’s Sports & Entertainment Marketing students attended the first Education Day sponsored by the Wings Lacrosse team at the Wells Fargo Center on February 8, 2013.  Not only did the students enjoy watching a professional Lacrosse game in lower level seats, they also met and spoke with Wells Fargo Center’s Sports Marketing Interns who answered their many questions about job opportunities in this field.  The interns came from various colleges and all were enthusiastic about careers in sports marketing. Our students saw a real-world connection to our Sports & Entertainment Marketing CTE program which came alive for them at this event.

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February 28, 2012

DECA success again!

OUR DECA TEAM had great success at the State Conference in Hershey last week.  We entered 40 students into various events and they competed with 1600 students from across the state.  We came home displaying more than 20 medals, 2 trophies and a team of 3 seniors who qualified for the National Conference in Salt Lake City!  

Please join us in congratulating our trophy winners:
Michael Walsh, Michael Tuller and Mehul Patel – 2nd place in the Sports & Entertainment Operations Research Event.  This team event, which was completed as their graduation project, consisted of a 30 page research paper and a presentation made to judges.   

Jonathan Santos – 5th place in the Male Modeling Event.  Jonathan modeled a business suit and a prom tuxedo and impressed the judges and the young ladies in the audience!

Marissa Williams deserves special praise.  As a first year Accounting student, she faced a difficult challenge as she competed in the Accounting Applications Event against many students from other schools who are in Accounting 2 or 3.  The first place winner scored 83 on the 100-question written test, the 2nd place winner scored 71, and our Marissa scored 70! 

The following students won medals based on a high score on a 100-question test and/or a high score on one or two role plays performed in front of judges for their individual or team events:

Devin Alford, Arcardio Rodriguez, Githin Joy, Mousa Eiyadeh, Jeremy Estes, Eric Smith, John Murray, Ben Moshnyager, AJ Sahlanis, Rochell Henry, Marissa Williams, Mathews Jacob, Michael Honick, Jeneel Patel, Geoffrey Smith, Tom Coulson, Parth Patel, Anand Mandlia, Preston Johns, Sandybel Cedeno and Tapan Patel.

Nationals in Salt Lake City, Utah, here we come!

January 31, 2011

Sports Marketing students attend Wings game

 By Sandybel Cedeno-Casanova, Preston Johns, Steven Lorenzo, and Dominic Nieves

Some students from the sophomore Sports Marketing class received free tickets to attend the Philadelphia Wings game as members of their Student Reporter program.   We had a pre-game interview with John Christmas and the rookie, Brodie MacDonald.

We got to learn a little more about the team and the players and had a chance to ask questions about how their lives were before they were on the team and how it feels to be on the team now.   After the interview we left the press room and reported to our box seats.  There, in the box, we had full sights of the rink where the game was being played.   The stadium was so energized and full of life!  Then moments later the Philadelphia Wings and Buffalo Bandits played against each other.  

The Wings suffered a loss at the hands of the Bandits overwhelming offense. So after the game was over we reported to a press conference room where we got to ask the head coach, John Tucker, and one of their best defensive players, Taylor Wray,  how they felt about the game, their team, how the other team did, and how they felt about losing.  We asked Coach Tucker what  he thinks his team needs to work on more so that they can win in the next game and he stated, “The next practice we need to work more on face off, running the offense and to shoot better.”   He promises to do better.

This game was very interesting because it was the first time we  experienced a lacrosse game and we all enjoyed it very much.  All of the players had a turn and a chance to prove “everything they got,”  and though they lost, they showed good work and potential.  Maybe they’ll get them next time!

December 13, 2010

DECA competition – Hershey here we come!

By Sandybel Cedeno, Class of 2013

On December 7th 2010, students from DECA, which is an association of marketing students, all went to the District 10 competition at the School District Administrative Building on Broad Street.  In this competition, 150 students from GWHS, Bok, Dobbins, Frankford, Kensington, Mastbaum, Randolph, Swenson, Gratz,  Edison High School and Esperanza Nueza all competed against each other.  We all had to take a 100 question test, and then we had to choose an event to work individually or as a team with a partner.  In each event, students competed against people from other schools and, some, even from the same school.  In the individual-type events, the top four won a trophy.  In partner events, only the first and second place teams received a trophy.  Everyone who got a trophy earned the right to go on to Hershey, PA, staying for three days at the Hershey Lodge and competing in the same events, but against students from schools across the state.

In the competition last Tuesday, after registration and the opening session, we prepared for our Role Play events.   I was with my partner Rochell Henry, and we won first place in Hospitality Service.  Almost all of our DECA sophomore students won.   We had 23 students who went to the competition, and 17 of them came home with trophies!  Congratulations to all those who made it on to Hershey!  There are no losers; everyone is a winner as long as you know you tried and did your best.  I also want to congratulate Eric Smith for being re-nominated for District 10 as our District Representative to the state.

This DECA trip was a great experience for everyone, and we all learned something from it.  It was an amazing opportunity for all of us.  Let’s go Washington in Hershey!!