Cold Play’s new album: MYLO XYLOTO

By Samuel Vargas, class of 2015

Cold Play, personally, is not my kind of music but I still like a couple of their songs.  This album for example has a couple of them that I like and others that I dislike. I’m not saying that I don’t like this album and you shouldn’t hear it, but it is still not my type of music.

The first song, Mylo Xyloto, is a waste of time and music.  It is only 43 seconds long, come on! But the music is still smooth and nice. 1 star

The second song, Hurts Like Heaven, is amazing.  I would have to pick it as my second favorite Cold Play song. It has everything I like in the smooth music combined with the fast beat of pop. 5 stars

The third one, Paradise, I think is ok. It has an awesome beat to it, but the music is not my favorite.  Still, it is an amazing track, for a song that just came out. 3 stars

The fourth one, Charlie Brown, I don’t like. I just think it is slow and boring; the actual music is good but not good enough. 2 stars

The rest of the songs are good and some of them are amazing but other ones not so great. I’m going to leave you to listen to them for yourself and see what you think about them.   Maybe you’ll think I’m wrong and think this music is  amazing, but at the same time I might be right. You decide.


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